Welcome to the fanlisting for Sagara Sousuke, the hero of the 1998 light novel and anime/manga series, Full Metal Panic! Sousuke is a teenaged mercenary of Mithril, a secret intelligence organization that utilizes futuristic military equipment and technology in order to fight terrorism. He is a member of the elite SRT unit and his specialty is piloting the giant Arm Slave robots.

Sousuke's battle-driven world is turned upside down when he receives his new mission to go undercover as a high school student in peaceful Tokyo and guard Chidori Kaname. Despite his best intentions to protect her, he ends up causing a lot of trouble and headaches due to some hilarious misunderstandings. However, he has never missed a real threat and when things get serious, his stubbornness to continue fighting becomes his greatest weapon. After he loses everything, Sousuke becomes an unstoppable force in the war to save the girl and the world's future ♪


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